A bootcamp in
wearables tech

NANA is a bootcamp that offers a teaching and learning method for the world of wearables tech!
Wearables, what?
Have you ever heard of wearables tech? If not, get ready to explore the universe of smart wearables. Smart bands, connected watches, and many other technologies are already available in the market. But what if you could integrate this technology into your clothes and accessories? NANA is the right place to learn and put innovative ideas into practice.

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Part workshop, part sprint, part hackathon. This is the proposal for practicing wearables tech that NANA offers in a mobile and agile way.
Time to equip yourself and understand the basics of electronics and programming with Arduino.
Group work to develop wearable technologies (wearables tech) according to the proposal.
Each edition has a real client/user to guide the development of the pieces.
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A glimpse of our flow

The first day of the bootcamp focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge of electronics, flexible conductive materials, and programming with Arduino.
NANA wiki
A wiki for us to organize, both about the initiation into electronics and Arduino, and regarding the generated projects.
Next, teams (4 to 5 people) begin ideation and prototyping, using electronics, digital fabrication, cutting machines, and sewing.
At the end, a panel of experts will choose the piece(s) that will be part of the show. Participants contribute their prototypes to NANA's collection.

Next Bootcamp

The NANA wearables tech bootcamp will take place from April 6th to 8th, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the Fashion Tech Space of Campus Party Brasília.
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Throughout the year 2023, Lina Lopes and the NANA team will organize bootcamps and curate the Fashion Tech space at Campus Party.
Stay tuned for the editions in Brasília, Goiânia, and São Paulo, we'll have a lot of fun this year.
For more information, visit the Fashion Tech space link and sign up for the Brasília Bootcamp.


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